Therapy for Adults, Couples, Families and Children


Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed and you aren’t sure what to do? Maybe you have been feeling this way for a while and noticed things are spinning out of control. You thought it was just everyday stress but realized it has taken over and you don’t feel like yourself. I am here to help you!

People seek out therapy for a variety of issues. There are times we all need a little help. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with the demands at work, home or struggling in your relationships. Maybe you are having problems with excessive stress or worry, feeling overwhelmed and not sure what is wrong but you recognize you need to seek help.

I have been working with people like you for over 10 years. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an evidenced based practice. This approach has been studied and has been found to be effective for many mental health issues, including Anxiety and Depression. 

I am here to listen, help you build on your strengths, increase positive relationships and attain your personal goals, all in a safe environment. It can be intimidating to reach out and look for a therapist, especially when you are feeling vulnerable. The relationship between you and your therapist is one of the most important aspects of therapy.

I strongly believe in working together throughout treatment. Each person and problem is unique which is why my treatment is tailored to each individual, couple and/or family. I encourage you to call me and ask any questions you have about therapy. I look forward to working with you.